We are sinners for hogging precious teleco’s bandwidth

So CES begins and no i wouldn’t cover all of them. That is simply crazy. What i will do is just talk about some that catch my interest. Also if you want more in-depth CES coverage there are tons of it on the big sites.

Any how, lets begin with something Samsung :

I am not a fan of samsung but am I the only person who doesn’t find it surprising? I mean come on, Samsung is a power house. How can anyone compare the scale that samsung operates on to apple? Samsung isn’t just a consumer electronics manufacturer, they make and do a lot more stuff. So personally if Samsung is the top android phone maker , it is expected. They are use to be on the top. Seriously i do not care if samsung is copying apply’s design. Consumers isn’t stupid. If I want an Apple product, i make sure i can afford one. However, if Samsung thinks by copying or rather adapting design is a good idea and price goes down because there isn’t a need to spend on design, hey That is an awesome idea. I rather samsung focus more inside the hardware of the phone. There is just so many phone design that you can come out with that is usable with a touch screen. What Apple should focus on isn’t getting into court cases but rather innovating so everyone else have to play catch up in Apple’s turf. The smartphone industry pretty much became awesome because Apple innovated and now everyone knows how to do a smartphone that We, consumers wants or thinks that we want.

Next up ,

Telecos, Fuck you all. Firstly, consumers did not force you to sell “data-hogging” devices on your network. Secondly, Do not blame users that PAY to use the data plan you widely advertise. When you advertise and saying “We offer unlimited bandwidth”, then you have to expect there are customers out there that really can use their unlimited to the fullest.

Teleco’s biggest problem is that, even with all the monster profits coming in, they are greedy and simply wants more. I’m fine with that but if your infrastructure can only handle so many customers and you are zealous on getting more customer base, perhaps you should direct more money on infrastructure instead of advertisements or stupid lobbying? DO not give me the highway analogy. Bandwidth is not the same as roads. Bandwidth is infinite. Bandwidth capacity should increase together with customer base growth BUT not remaining stagnant. You have only yourself to blame if your infrastructure cannot handle the log. In that case, Stop selling or ban those devices outright. Oh I’m sorry you can’t because you cannot grow your customer base without these hoggers-devices.

So i guess the problem is solved? Upgrade your infrastructure. With all your profits, surely you can spend a good 10~20% ? Your customers will love it when they can use their devices like they should , like they are advertised. If not, stop your stupid advertisement and instead channel all this money into upgrading.

This is important : http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/aolradio.podcast.aol.com/sn/sn0335.mp3″

so are these 2 :

I’m interested in the OLPC : http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/01/olpc-one-tablet-prototype/ But than the actual OLPC, I’m hoping they will license their charging tech. It would be awesome if every mobile device can charged via hand crank. Doomsday, no fear!


I don’t agree with “Death of Junk mail”. I think we have to change the way we view it. and i don’t know how this isn’t spam

Imagine your phone knowing that your favourite band is coming to town and putting tickets on hold for you to purchase.

I think that’s outright creepy and spam if my phone knows so many things about me AND being active in telling me stuff.

Hooray for libreoffice !!


Ok i guess that’s it.