New blog direction , fuck the news, I’m gonna try out product reviews 

Yup title says it all, i think having multiple blogs is like a new year resolution. You get really hyped up to do shit then after a month you lose interest and reasons starts pouring in to allow you to avoid blogging. Well, like every year, i will dare claim this, i claimed it many times but this year will be my year of blogging!

There i said it yet again. So anyway, i realised my not-even-a-post-iphone/android-“apps” blog did not even happen, i am changing this shit tech blog into yet another review site like millions more dedicated ones out there. The differences here is that i actually blog only when i want to blog or when i get too bored like right now, then i’ll blog. Plus, everything that i blog about is used by yours truly so even if i hate the product, I HAVE NO CHOICE and of course i probably might not be able to pump out reviews after reviews because my budget is limited and i only buy tech stuff now and then.

However, if any company after reading a bit of my posts which i probably will do that in a while time, decided that hey, this blog is worth while to give review unit, PLEASE DO! and with that, i’m signing off and maybe do a review soon-ish?