So for this blog I am talking about tech and sometimes review of the existing hardware that i have. Simple really.

Below are links to my other stuff :

  • Anime – This is my base. My main blog.
  • Gaming – This is where i talk about cheap games i bought from Indie Royale , Humble bundle, steam sales and xbox 360.
  • Technology coverage – Where i ramble about the tech world news and i give my 2cents worth of useless views.
  • Phone apps review – Having an iphone 3GS instantly makes me an app reviewer!(as if) But i have yet to do anything about it.
  • Science – Day job is Plant science student. I like reading up on science news as well.
  • Books – Besides tech, science and anime. I like normal books too. Have a Kindle Kb and many other books.
  • Cooking Adventure – I have SOLAR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Snail Mail! – Well i am thinking to send out postcards to friends but posting the designs of the podcast in the blog.
  • Otakurean /side – My tumblr blog~ I do nothing but reblog funny shit/interesting stuff and just random things that i find it amusing when i was bored and surfing the web.

=== NEW!!!! ===

I currently do a podcast talking about anime , super sentai, Kamen rider and random shit.

My archives – i actually have 3 archives now ,

My “social” presence :

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