Happy new year! hardware news to start the year right 

Hi everyone! I hope you had/going to have a great party last night/tonight depending on where you are. I give up covering about SOPA, just bookmark http://torrentfreak.com/ , they do that much better, thats where i get my stories as well. Anyway , the above ad is interesting, not just the pretty lady! but  Lenovo isn’t selling the ideapad as a netbook , rather a mini-notebook. All this technical market jargon is confusing right? But no fret, be it netbook or mini-notebook or even Ultra-book, my personal motto is If is cheap enough who gives a fuck what name it is?

The site says that it is hovering around US$320.. Hmm I don’t know if is appealing enough. But it is running the new Atom Cedar which is supposedly better than the older atoms.

Actually i really don’t care about the Atom that much but hey if i can get a netbook that is more powerful and cheaper than last year model, Why not?. Seriously I’m looking out for a netbook. As much as i like my 15.6″ laptop, carrying it around is a bitch. The battery life is pathetic as well. 2 hours or so? Pffffftt.

AMD next-gen GPU is codenamed Sea Island

Is it just me or has AMD code name became lame? I remember when i first started paying attention to hardwares and bought my first processor with my own money was a fucking awesome AMD Socket 939 “Winchester”. I still love that chip a lot because that chip was my first venture into overclocking, watercooling and the crazy hardware world.

Oh, actually i hate it because now i know so much about tech that I am the default IT support guy in my family and among relatives.

Anyway remember when Amazon says the Silk browser for Kindle Fire would make the experience blazing fast? I was kinda “WOW” at first when i saw that video.

Turns out it isn’t true and well there’s a How-to to actually make Silk work like it should.

I guess that’s about it for tech news. There really isn’t any other news that are interesting.

If you would like to read something else longer ,

I personally would like to see LED being a norm because bulb makers are fucking assholes or maybe is their marketing department. I bought a nice “energy saving” Warm white bulb for my table lamp. I didn’t pay much attention to the word “Warm” because I wanted to buy White light. And it is a grave mistake. I’m stuck with a orange/sunset light! ARRGHHHHH. I like warm lights for photos but I want to read my books with white fucking lights so my eyes wouldn’t get tired and sleepy from the fucking “warm” lights… I have another 30,000 hours more before both of my bulbs breaksdown. :< I hope when the bulbs break down, LED becomes a norm and fucking White light will be white lights instead of “warm” or what not. Probably i will have the same rant again because i highly doubt i will remember that i ranted about this today.