I am trying not to read another #SOPA story 

Before you go on, go watch Tekzilla first :

As title suggest but this is so tempting :

Fuck yeah! FINALLY Logic in action!

Gattuso agrees with Meese that the “stealing” needs to stop, but he argues Congress should deal with the problem “in a way that does not disrupt the growth of technology, does not weaken Internet security, and respects free speech rights.” And he doesn’t think SOPA fits the bill..

Of course you can view this as conservatives trying to gain popularity by going against SOPA but hey the enemy of my enemy is my friend. So yeah, for free speech rights! Use that as your campaign ! Anyhow, here’s an article of Universal Music Group acting without thinking.

So … I really don’t know what to say in this case. But YOU CAN”T TAKE DOWN THE INTERNET. because the internet is designed to survive a nuclear war. SO UMG and other companies, embrace the internet and sharing culture. If the consumers like what they see/watch/hear, they will buy. They will not want to buy what you think they would want to buy because we are people with free will. We are not your slaves. I am not a 50 cent fan but I’m guessing you have made many 50 cents angry.

In a sweeping attempt at stopping piracy of their latest movie, a studio has obtained a court order forcing India’s ISPs to block some of the world’s largest file-sharing sites.

Well, let’s close airports, roads and power plants because terrorist uses them too. Why is there so many people with no logic and common sense????? Yes file-sharing sites may have illegal things but that doesn’t make them any guilty than the airport, roads and power plants!. Do you know how many people uses such services to support their business and stuff? I personally know some photographers who use such services to send their clients their files if they can’t do so personally. I can tell you having court order to shut down such services will lead to more innovative ways to “pirate”. Just you wait and see.

Lastly ,

Today, software from two American companies — Microsoft and Apple — run most of the world’s infrastructure, in terms of governments, authorities, social security, et cetera.
Be afraid people… Be very afraid.

Anyway fuck those politics and SOPA shit, heres something actual tech related :

  • Waterfox : The fastest 64-Bit variant of Firefox!

Now if you are running a 64-bit windows , get this. I personally have not tried it yet because the current portable god-knows-which-version-of-firefox is working for me. But i only use it sometimes.

For some people with older systems, the 64-Bit version loads quicker and is much more responsive than the 32-Bit build. For people with newer systems, it allows them to use the full potential of their systems.

Full potential? 😛 i know some people open like 20-30 tabs. But of course you must remember , not every plugin you love have 64-bit binaries so if your current set up is working and you are not that kind who would want to change for the fun of changing.. DO NOT CHANGE. DO NOT FIX WHAT IS NOT BROKEN. I personally would try waterfox when a portable version comes out.

Thunderbolt coming in april!  Everyone prepare to pay for expensive cables soon! My wish is that IF thunderbolt becomes as common as hdmi, dvi and USB. Please give laptop the ability to have external graphic card add-on. I think it is possible with thunderbolt since it is basically PCI-E 16x externalized. Or at least thats what i understand it to be. I could be wrong but a simple google could solve it. Ahh not gonna be bothered.

Is anyone looking forward to new EeePC ?  Personally i just want a tablet instead. But the tablet needs to have 2 full size usb and be able to make use of it. Say you can have a usb kb and a thumbdrive hooked into your tablet. Basically a “laptop” with out the “laptop”. I know there’s Asus Transformer Prime but it is still not a norm in tablets yet. But i might get the new Eee PC , i really like AMD chips more than Intel chips. And the only reason why is that the price point makes all the differences. If having AMD chips in my laptop means lower price and about the same performance as the intel of much higher price point, i would take AMD anyday. But bahhh , normal consumers are always tricked by sales fuckers. I always hear bullshit like AMD runs hotter or Intel outperforms AMD. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCES if you are just surfing the web and listening to music. And that is the majority of users! So people , please , stop believing bullshit! Always listen to your wallet! This year hot tech is tomorrow’s bargain sales and the perfomance difference isn’t that much. Thats why i bought a Intel T4300 laptop instead of the new chips because the price point differences was too much! but granted it was 2 years back when i got my laptop. Of course i wouldn’t buy a T4300 based laptop today! but if a new one can be had for $100, I DONT MIND.

Of course, my desktop is rocking AMD 945 chip 😛 again price point differences. I can buy an Intel quad core chip like those fancy i7 but go look at their crazy price! I cannot justify myself paying so much more if AMD works as well for a fraction of the price. Besides the money saved can be channel into better graphic card or bigger screen. Well i guess that’s it. Nothing else catches my eyes.

Ah, i should do a X-budget-pc build guide as well. Or i could simply “review” my current gaming pc set up. I’ll see how it goes.