Date centers , data centers, data centers. 

Man i love data centers. I don’t know why but a giant building full of computers just makes me happy.

Hi facebook, you are bitching that google dont share data center technology. Why would they want to do that? Do you allow google to comb through all your data ? Hell no. Because thats your competitive edge. So why are you complaining about ?

The complaint, from the likes of Facebook, is that the Google doesn’t share enough about how it has solved particular problems that will plague any large web outfit. Reports, for instance, indicate that Google builds not only its own servers but its own networking equipment, but the company has not even acknowledged as much. That said, over the past few years, Google is certainly sharing more

This is a competitor that is acting like a fucking kid. Seriously, this sounds like “mom! bro is not sharing his toys with me!”

Oh facebook, why are you dirty? Half of your servers are powered by coal? You are 800million users big and possibly earning hundreds of millions of money , you have so many smart people working inside your company. Surely you have enough brains to think of ways to make your data centers more energy and cooling efficient?

Personally, I’m not a fan of facebook. Simply because social network isn’t particularly useful to me. I don’t need to know what the fuck is happening to people that i-know-but-dont-give-a-damn-to-talk-to-most-of-time. Simply because it is not important. The only reason i have a facebook account is because there’s no need to get my friends on actual useful services like Gmail. Simply because most of them are not tech savy and facebook seems to be their world. In fact , i resisted facebook until everyone that i know is on it.

Sometimes i don’t get people, Gmail is so fucking useful. Yet they rather use facebook. There’s Gtalk, photo, maps, email, docs, Google itself and so many more useful tools to aid their school work and daily life. Yet they love facebook. Maybe i just don’t get social network sites.

But i love my twitter though. Granted it isn’t really the same concept as facebook but hey i talk to so many people on twitter whom i dont even know. So who is more sociable? Talking to only people you know or talking to people you dont know? Whatever. In anycase, watch some tekzilla ~~

and also Hak5 !

Also i gave up in daily coverage. Not enough energy to do it. I just can’t. Partly due to me playing Fallout 3 the whole of last week and general procrastination. and not forgetting my short span of attention. I got a bunch of linux & Bsd iso and 3 old pc to play around with. Maybe i will start talking about them instead? I don’t know.