#SOPA and #censorship 

I guess this isn’t really a good time to start a tech blog talking about tech. With the current SOPA drama, this makes me think if covering tech means covering some politics as well? I personally hate to talk about politics but i like watching other people talk about it. Anyway, i can’t believe I’m starting off with the SOPA drama but i guess i got to start from somewhere.

I’m still deciding on how i should do a fast moving tech world news coverage. I personally rely on a few sources, my twitter timeline, reddit : TNT show page, my RSS feeds that i subscribe to and Random web surfing i guess.  Also, probably just doing a post a day. So this is more like a aggregation of articles for now. I will add in my own opinions and stuff along the way i guess. But for now i will just have the habit to do a post a day. Maybe i shouldn’t really care about following the tech world second by second.