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So we start off with a few podcast that i listen to. I’m pretty sure if you are into tech, you are watching or listening to shows produced by . While you are listening, here are some stuff to read and think about. Let’s start off with some Open source yummy.

ownCloud :

 You want to be flexible and access your data everywhere: on your laptop, smartphone, at your friend’s home, from university or work and while traveling – all without needing to email it to yourself or having a usb key with you. Proprietary services like Google Apps, iCloud, Dropbox offer solutions to fill this need – but they save your data on their servers and in countries where you have no control over what happens to your data once it’s there and who gets access to it.

Basically, your own “dropbox” that is running in your own Amazon S3 account, your own servers and basically giving you back control(and hassle). Now you can view at this at 2 perspectives. 1 is that you are getting control of your data back which is a good thing. 2 you have to run your own server and you don’t know what the fuck it means.

Well If you fall into #2, then skip this. I personally love my dropbox and yes i think it will be fucking awesome if i can roll out my own “dropbox” but for something that i hardly use? seems a bit impractical. Besides, I have my mother fucking thumbdrives. Look all the clouds hyping is really fucking annoying.

What is wrong with carrying a thumbdrive or two?


If we are still in the days of room-sized harddisk, i can understand. But your mother fucking thumbdrive practically weighs nothing! Just carry one! How much weight can it add to your bag?

Not really a new news but if you are interested ,

Camp KDE 2010 keynote : Frank Karlitschek – KDE and the Cloud

I tweeted out this yesterday :

This caught my eye : Midori 

I run Linux on a virtual machine and the plan is to get myself familiarize with linux enough to the point where i can use it like a “normal” pc. I’ve been trying out different linux over the years but i never got the time to actually sit down and use it. Simply because linux isn’t the same as windows but over the years Linux have became very user friendly. Of course i got interested in command lines these days and more free time as well so i sat down and poke around Linux. I realise it is fucking easy. I do not know why i always think linux wasn’t. Right now I am playing with Linux Mint and my plan is to install linux in my aging laptop that is rocking a Intel T4300 cpu. So lightweight application is always welcomed, i could always upgrade the ram of the laptop but i don’t really want to spend money. So the best way is to have lightweight applications. I will go try out midori in my mint and maybe “review” it in the future i guess.

Alright, on to actual news ,

Truth be told, i don’t really care anymore if apple is pushing out new ipads. If the price do not drop, i cannot afford it. That is why the Kindle Fire is so appealing, because of the price.  I highly doubt apple will ever sell a $200 ipad because a fucking ipod touch do not cost $79 anyway. Should the day ever come where you can buy a 8GB ipod touch for $100 or even $79, I will bow down to our Apple Overlord.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast, go check your Wifi router now! or you can decide for yourself after you read the article :

More news to be afraid off,

Business ideas never seems to run out do they? How would you like to pay $10 and recover your lost camera?

I personally wouldn’t use it. I mean come on, if you cannot take care of your own camera then you are a fucking failure as a human. Period. I’m sorry to sound harsh but really, a fucking camera. If you have money to buy a $5,000 camera, you bloody well have the mental ability to take care of it!

Here’s something you will not lose at all,

ALL HAIL OUR NEW HIGH-DEF! 4K res! 4k! 4k! 4k! 4k!

I think with the world tasting the delights of 1080p television, the 4K change will be faster than you think. ANd if the default size for a 4K tv is like 84inch, I WELCOME THIS CHANGE. 4K is much better than 3D. 3D is only meant for cinemas but 4K… 4K ! 4K! 4K ! 4K!  4K ! 4K! 4K ! 4K! 4K ! 4K!4K ! 4K!4K ! 4K!

Enough fanboying, now i know christmas is just 5 days over but santa’ elves have a new toy for Christmas 2012,

MY DREAM HAS CAME THROUGH, A MOTHER FUCKING GAMEPAD !! BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS DAY!! but seriously, $50? Personally, the ideal sweet spot has be like $25 ~ $30 and IT must come with 1 or 2 codes to redeem the games. Capcom please support this gamepad, I love street fighter 4 in my iphone i would love if i could use a gamepad instead of cheating and using the SP button nonstop. Game dev, Please partner up with 60beat ! I love Nitendo and everything but mobile gaming future has to be the phone.

Oh Android , if usb-gamepad becomes a norm, you will be fucking awesome as well.

Here’s another mobile news ,

Hail Symbian, our mobile overlord!

Really? Majority of my friends that are my age uses an iPhone and some of them Android. I hardly see anyone using symbian anymore. Although back in the days, I used nokia and it was the best device. you can drop it , throw it around, leave it and do whatever, charge it up and it still works. Can’t really say the same about the new “smartphones” these days.


ALL HAIL RUSSIA AND CHINA! Finally , there are people out there with both brains and capability to have a vision of making Li-ion batteries for cars and trains. I would love to be living in a world say 5-10 years later, majority if not ALL cars must be at least a hybrid or pure EV. Of course, thats assuming we can have nuclear reactors to replace those stupid coal/gas power plants. If not, I’ll move to Russia or China then.

I guess that’s it for today. Whenever i do research stories for the day, i end up opening like a dozen or more tabs.. Now that i only have 1 left(for this), i feel accomplished :3 . Have a nice day!