daily #censorship pie 

I think for the next few weeks, you cannot get by a day without reading a censorship related or SOPA-related news. So to kick start today’s news, we continue the fight between Megaupload and Universal Music Groups.

Basically the gist of it is that UMG is being a dick about it. There’s really no need to read the whole article if you don’t feel like it but ,

The first UMG claim is that Megaupload sued the wrong UMG ‘entity’. They say that UMG Recordings is the correct entity since they are the ones dealing with YouTube and other video hosting services.

From this quote, you know that UMG is behaving like a little spoiled kid. If you don’t know how a stupid little spoiled kid behaves, go ask your parents and that is how UMG is. Except the differences is that they have all their fancy lawyer and they can sue you. But for this fight, I’ll be rooting for Megaupload, Go Forth Freedom fighters!

Another fight, Yahoo vs Singapore Press holdings ,

“Copyright law does not protect facts and information.”

Well, this really isn’t that new of a news. Newspaper companies have always been a bitch about web companies “copying”. But i think the bottom line is that Yahoo is stealing eyeballs away from SPH’s site. I highly doubt plagiarism is the real issue, the reduction in CPM is the real reason. But whatever, it is not like i read those 2 sites for news anyway.

Well anyway, here’s some hardware news!

WiFi mouse coming?!!?!? I don’t know if i find this awesome or yet-another-adapter to get. As much as i like the idea of wireless keyboard and mouse, the only reason i don’t use one is because my desktop isn’t mobile and my laptop already comes build in with kb and a stupid mouse pad. Even if i need a mouse, a $10 USB mouse is so much better than a $70 wireless mouse. I don’t mind getting a $70 wireless mouse for my desktop but if the only difference is there’s no cord , then I have one thing to say, ” LEARN CABLE MANAGEMENT MORONS ” . nuff’ said.

Here’s something that will get me excited :

The Raspberry pi is coming~~!! KITAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hereby welcome our new ARM overlord!

I hope to see in the next few years where i have to choose between x86, Arm, Alpha, PowerPC/Cell or MIPS for my cpu.. I assemble my own computer so choosing hardware is always half the fun. And i personally think this will change the way programmers makes application. No more unoptimized codes that hogs memory and stuff. If having Arm for desktop becomes a norm, lean and lightweight application will be a norm too. That will be a wonderful future.

Speaking of assembling your own PC , if you need to assemble one for gaming and you don’t know what parts to choose, tom’s hardware have a good $600 gaming pc build that you can follow,

I personally think if you looking for value for money and you dont really mind the “dip” in performance, go for a $600 build. The “dip” is only relatively speaking if you compare this to a $2000 build. Anyway you will be getting an i5 and ATI 6870, those 2 are a very powerful combination by itself already. So realistically speaking there really isn’t much difference. Sure you probably have 70fps on this compared to a 100fps on a $2000 machine.. But really the difference between 70fps or 100fps isn’t that noticeable. But the difference between 18fps and 50fps IS A HELL of a difference. So don’t worry if you $600 machine becomes “outdated” in 6 months time, get a new $600 then. Your performance may be just slightly below the $2000 build of 6 months back. Gotta love moore’s law.

Do you use windows firewall and find is a hassle to adjust its settings? Well I don’t. but IF you do,

I personally have not used this yet but as far as windows firewall is concerned, i think it works well enough for me. And always Do not fix what is not broken. OF course have good sane and safe internet surfing practise, you should be fine. However, if you are the default IT guy in your household, maybe tinywall would make your life easier. Since we are talking about software,  here’s a list of 45 Free, essential open source resource.

This should be last news of the day and this concerns the iPad and british PM

Look I think is a good idea to have more (consumer)tech in the government office but does this means government world wide could spend less money hiring clerks and foxy secretary that gives you free blowjob from taxpayers money? Hell no. Not a chance. Chances are both the figure head and backend support blowjobbers have to have these fancy tech and there wouldn’t be a reduction in government admin spending. Sorry healthcare, we need more iPads so the $5 million we promised ya? Fuck the spare beds, make the patients sleep on the floors!  ahhhh , welcome to the sick sad world.

To end off, go watch Hak5 & listen to Security Now  :