Tech shows i watch and today’s news 

Instead of regular tv, i watch podcast more these days. Not because i do not have a tv, actually i do not have a tv. Anyway there’s only 3 network that i follow.

Personally i love twit the most. If anything, you have to tune in to Security Now if you like your tech. Revision 3 is more of a mix of tech and other stuff of interest. Mobilenation as the name implies, it covers all the mobile OS. But i don’t watch mobilenation as much as i do with Rev 3 and twit. OK now that I’ve shared what i watched. Also CES is coming! Next week ?

Anyhow here’s today’s news.

The legislation, which will give the authorities the power to swiftly close file-sharing sites or have them blocked at the ISP level, was actually passed by the Spanish Parliament in February 2011, but the former government failed to enact a supporting regulatory framework and it has laid dormant since.

In her speech, Santamaria said that the new law’s objective was “to protect against the plundering of intellectual property rights” and to ensure that Spain “joined the international standard in the fight against online piracy.”

What a load of bullshit! Hey why not stop people from taking planes, using cars, turning on their computers and switching off their power supply too? So you can “protect against the act of terrorism and to ensure that Spain joined the international standard in the fight against terrorism and citizens who talks too much”.  Geez, what bullshit. See this is why we will see the Golden Age of Pirate Sharing soon. You cannot block the internet. Period. YOU CANNOT.

Well i guess the only way to counter such censorship is to actually build your own network,

The space race of the 60-70s gave us a lot of material, computation and electronics improvement. Will this “homebrew” satellites bring in the same benefits? Or will someone develop a rocket that is cheap enough to be launched by people like you and me? Hell yeah i hope that day comes. If i could launch my own satellite in the next 5-10 years by paying under $500 , I WILL DO THAT. I hope China will be able to stick to what they say ,

China will push forward human spaceflight projects and make new technological breakthroughs,creating a foundation for future human spaceflight.

It will launch the Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10 spaceships and achieve unmanned or mannedrendezvous and docking with the in-orbit Tiangong-1 vehicle.

China will launch space laboratories, manned spaceship and space freighters; makebreakthroughs in and master space station key technologies, including astronauts’ medium-term stay, regenerative life support and propellant refueling; conduct space applications to acertain extent and make technological preparations for the construction of space stations.

China will conduct studies on the preliminary plan for a human lunar landing.

This is really exciting to see a country committing itself to space. If this works out and china becomes our space overlord, Firefly will have predicted the future correctly or something like that XD. Anyway something closer to home

ASUS WHY YOU LOCK BOOTLOADER? I wanted to be buy that but it bootloader is locked, i should just get a freaking ipad 2 instead. I mean why lock? HTC did it before and their CEO has to come out and say “Sorry everyone, we fuck up and promise NO more locked bootloader”. Asus why you cannot learn from other companies mistakes? A bit stale news, but i like the title “There Is No Such Thing as Android, Only Android-Compatible” ,

Well i guess that’s it for today. See you tomorrow!